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Production is art - and our profession. With fascinating storytelling and expressive images, we will tell your story!

By capturing real emotions, we enable you to achieve several goals at once and touch the customer .

As a 360° company we produce everything you have in mind.  Due to many years of experience in front of the camera and behind, we know how important it is to have someone that thinks further . With us you can drift, hand over tasks without concerns and enjoy fantastic final products.

What kind of content do we produce?   

Our production is not limited to a specific format. No matter if high-end production or social media content, we will assist you in any of your requests.


We provide:

- Image films / movies

- FPV / Cinematic Drone Videos

- Social Media Content (IGTV, Reels, Tiktoks, Shorts and Youtube Videos)

- Photography

What makes us remarkable , since anyone can produce good content these days? Our offer is different, unique.

We do not only create just professional videos or pictures - our goal is to touch people, to convey emotions.


Experience it yourself and discover our secret ingredient: FEELINGS

Since our team is built up from different backgrounds and all academically well trained, you will not only experience the highest quality on the creation, production work side, but also in the consultation.

No matter how good the idea is, if you don't have a sensitive concept, you can't be successful.

Choose FXA Media and experience a unique visual product.

Further information needed about the topic Social Media for your company ->  Check out FXA Social Media as the expert in that niche.  

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